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Types of Natural Stone Tile


This is the oldest form of rock, created from the cooling of the earths crust thousands of millions of years ago. As the magma or molten rock cooled, it crystallized giving the granular appearance typical for this type of stone.

Within this category of stone, our range includes granite tiles and basalt tiles. The Basalt tiles in particular are such a strong and different look that we very much encourage our design conscious customers to consider them.


Formed in more recent times than igneous, sedimentary rock is the result of various deposits settling layer upon layer in ancient lackes, rivers and seas, or alternatively via precipation. Softer than igneous rock, though still more than tough enough to last for centuries as natural stone flooring.

Limestone tiles are available in colours ranging from creamy white through to almost golden shades.

Limestone tiles are proving particularly popular in the market of the contemporary home designer which is probably down to the neutral, light and subtle tones.


This is the most recent of the different types of natural stone.

Metamorphose means "To change into a different form". Metamorphic rock is rock which has "metamorphosed" from one to another. This transformation was usually a result of the intense heat and pressure arising from movement in the earths crust.

Marble for example is a metamorphosed limestone or dolomite. The result of the heat and pressure is that Marble is a harder stone than Limestone and thus is more able to receive a high polish. Marble tiles have long since been associated with a symbol of luxury.

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