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Slate Floor Tiles and Flooring

The result of many layers of mud compacted and hardened over millions of years, slate provides a classic style which looks good in either a traditional or contemporary setting. Ceramic floor tiles have now come on leaps and bounds to get a good copy, but there is still nothing on the market that competes with real slate tiles.

We think we've put together a range here which offers something for most buyers needs.

If it's low cost slate flooring or wall tile you need, then the Chinese Multi-colour is hard to beat. Superior in quality to what you'll find in many chain home improvement stores, this tile is excellent value for money.

If it's the classic look of black slate you need, but with an exceptional consistency in sizing, then our brazilian slate tiles are a serious contender. These tiles are calibrated to a thickness of 10 mm, enabling tiling with much tighter grout joints whilst avoiding lipping of tiles, achieving a much flatter floor, a consideration when using slate tiles on bathroom floors.

Moving to something more distintictive and unique, then the Mayur and Montauk ranges offer an exceptionally classy look. Go for these ranges if you're looking to impress.

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    Chinese multi-colour slate tiles 
Chinese multi-colour slate tilesThere are various sizes which can be viewed from the dropdown box.Once the slate tiles are dry, the tiles should be sealed with Lithofin MN Slate-seal for a semi-gloss...
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 Brazilian Black Slate Tiles   Brazilian Black Slate Tiles 
High on the list of our best sellers. This classic stone flooring has the unique combination of superb low price and top quality Here is why this tile makes a great choice for your beautiful slate...
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    Brazilian Multi Colour Slate 
Brazilian multi colour slate, this top qualtity stone varies in colour from dark grey green through to gold/rust tones. As with our Brazilian black slate, these tiles are calibrated to 10 mm easing...
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 Montauk Green Slate Tiles   Montauk Green Slate Tiles 
Montauk slateSuitable for wall and floor tile use, these tiles are calibrated to 10 mm thick, allowing the tiles to have tighter joints, giving them a cleaner, contemporary look. Size:Please refer to...
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 Oyster Slate   Oyster Slate 
Oyster Slate Sizes:Please refer to dropdown list Colour: Mixture of Silver, Grey, Brown Larger sizes suitable for external use...
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 Mayur slate floor tile   Mayur slate floor tile 
Mayur slate Size: 400 x 400 x 10 mm calibrated Colour:Deep reds through to green and dark brown £37.95 per M2 inc VAT 6.25 tiles per M2 ( Also available in 600 x 400 x 10 mm at same price)...
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 Black Slate Brick Tiles   Black Slate Brick Tiles 
Black slate brick tiles Size: 195 x 98 x 3~5 mm ( sizes approximate,tiles are cut to order) These tiles are hand split to reduce the thickness, making fitting easier and enabling the use of thinner...
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    Rich Autumn Slate 
Rich Autumn slate This highly coloured, dappled slate comes in various sizes and formats. Prices for all sizes can be viewed at the dropdown list below.With the recent inclusion of the strip tiles,...
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    Noisette Slate Strips 7 x 60 cm 
Noisette slate strips Colours. Earthy tones of brown through to grey green Size. 70 x 600 x 10 mm Price. £72.58 per m2 inc VAT. 25 tiles per m2 Suitable for wall and floor use While we offer a...
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