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Stone Flooring

Stone Flooring is one of our most important product lines, and this guide will help you navigate our selection and hopefully assist you towards selecting the right product for your needs.

What types of stone flooring are available ?

The best selling categories of stone available are listed below and you can follow the link to view our selection of this flooring type.

  • Slate Flooring
  • Limestone Flooring
  • Travertine Flooring
  • Marble Tiles
  • Granite Flooring
  • Basalt Flooring
  • Sandstone Tiles

To read a little background information on the classifications of natural stone then see our guide to the different types of natural stone.

Why do prices of stone flooring vary so much

It can be very tempting to select your supplier based purely on price. Whilst price is of course important, it is worth remembering that with natural stone tiles there can be huge variations in the quality and availability of a particular stone. This is reflected in the wide range of prices for the same category of tile.

Here are some of the factors affecting price:

Size: The larger the format, the higher the price, since it follows the larger the tile then the larger the percentage of waste for a particular block of stone. Also, it will be easier to source a block of stone big enough to cut say 300mm tiles that it would be to source a block big enough for say a 400mm tile.

Uniqueness: Clearly the more of a particular stone available then the cheaper you would expect it to be. Some types of marble of limestone for example, may only be quarried from one location. These types are going to more expensive than a stone available in many quarries.

Quality: Travertine is an exellent illustrator of this point. Some travertine tiles have a much higher percentage of holes requiring filling than others. Expect to pay more for travertine flooring which has a low percentage of filler on the honed side (ie the finish side). This is a point lost on less knowledgeable buyers. With travertine flooring especially, do not forget to compare the quality of the stone when selecting.

Slate is another good example of a flooring type with big quality differences. The cheapest slate is likely to have very uneven surface making it unsuitable for use in areas of bare foot use like the bathroom. The better quality slate can have an exellent surface finish suitable for any area of the house.

Reputation: Some stone is perhaps more expensive due to being of a famed source. For example french blue limestone carries an exellent reputation. It will carry a price in accordance.

Fixing Stone Flooring

See our guide to fixing large format tiles. We will be adding specific stone fixing related articles to our info pages in the near future.

Need Advice ?

Please ring or e-mail for advice from our experienced showroom staff on any aspect on the buying or the use of stone flooring.

Has this guide been useful ? Is there something missing or confusing ? What else would have been useful to have here ? Please let us know your feedback so we can improve. You can mail us at .
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