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Repairing Underfloor Heating
First off, so long as you buy high quality electric underfloor heating mats like Thermonet, then problems during installation are very rare. The vast majority of installations go smoothly with no problems at all.

In the unlikely event of the heat mat being damaged during installation, what happens ? Does it mean the whole floor has to be lifted and re-done ?

The answer to the question is no, not if you buy from Thermonet. The whole floor does not have to lifted, which could prove expensive. Damaged undefloor heating mats can be repaired. Here's how it works with our chosen supplier of underfloor heating:

Thermonet Underfloor Heating After Sales Repair Service

Thermonet offer one of the best back up services available for their underfloor heating systems, having an extremely high success rate. Often the damage can be pinpointed down to within a few centimetres, ensuring minimal disruption to the floor finish.

The first call should be to your electrician, who can test the mat with standard test equipment, and the call the Thermonet Technical Helpline, who will the log the fault, and ask the electrician for his readings. With this information, they can often solve the problem over the phone. If necessary, the Thermonet Site Support team can come to site, with specialised equipment including heat tracing equipment and high definition meters to identify and repair the damage. If the problem is cause by damage or incorrect installation a call out charge of £230 + VAT is levied. This price is for any Thermonet installation in any site in the UK.

Call out charge correct as at 03/01/2007.

Equipment for professional installers

For professional installers, we would recommend a product available from Thermonet, a Heatmat Monitor, which is used while fitting and tiling is in operation. The monitor constantly checks the continuity of the mat, and alarms should any failure in the circuit occur.

In Summary

Before you buy underfloor heating, find out what would happen in the unlikely event of the heat mat being damaged during installation. If you buy a Thermonet electric underfloor heating mat, or any other Thermonet product, you know you are from a company who offer an industry leading back up service.

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