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Cleaning Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tile have low porosity and are generally stain resistant and very hardwearing.

They come in three finishes:

  • Highly polished - A high gloss reflective finish achieved by machine polishing
  • Riven - Uneven with clefts
  • Matt - An eggshell texture finish
Highly polished and lighter coloured tiles are prone to staining when exposed to some household substances. For protection from this Lithofin have a product called FZ Protective Impregnator. It is absorbed into the surface of the tile and protects against penetration of dirt, oil, grease and wax ect. Lithofin FZ Protective Impregnator is very easy to use and has full instructions on the container. It is a spirit based impregnator that only needs to be applied once and will not add gloss but prevent penetration and provide easier maintenance.

Riven Porcelain tiles are left with a microscopic roughness when fired. This will go within 6 to 12 months, gradually reduced through regular maintenance and wear and tear, but initially makes the tiles prone to marking and scuffing. Lithofin FZ Intensive cleaner is a highly alkaline product that will remove virtually all blemishes, scuff marks ect from the tiles and should be used prior to impregnation.

Porcelain tiles are well known for their easy cleaning and low maintenance. On polished porcelain the impregnator will last as long as the tile retains its surface constitution and will remain permanently within the tile if it adequately maintained. On riven porcelain tiles the impregnator will only last as long as the microscopic rough pores. As the pores are worn away by use and maintenance, the impregnator will also wear away having done its job.

Lithofin FZ Conditioning Cleaner is a gentle product for all porcelain tiles. It will protect the tiles from degrading and discoloration caused by scuffing and wear and tear and will not leave any residue. It is applied by adding a squirt of the cleaner to one bucket full of water and washed over the floor using a mop or cloth. There is no need to rinse and it conditions the surface without leaving streaky residue. Full instructions are given on the container.

As with all cleaning products test in an inconspicuous area.

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