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Cleaning Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are made from clay and fired to harden them. There are two types of tiles; glazed and unglazed. Glazed tiles have ground glass and colour pigments fused onto the surface by re-firing, leaving them with a sealed, non-porous surface. Unglazed ceramic tiles need to be sealed to prevent staining from oil, grease and water.

Glazed ceramic tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Sweep regularly and mop up deposits and spills as required. There are many products suitable for cleaning and we recommend the following Lithofin products. They are specially formulated for use on tiles. Some domestic cleaners can leave a residue that attracts dirt.

Lithofin KF Ceramic Clean. Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, shower and toilet. A concentrated cleaner that dissolves surface deposits such as lime-scale, dirt, soap and grease residues, rust and urine marks. It is easy to apply using a brush or sponge and needs to be rinsed away. Also suitable for chromium, stainless steel, cement grouting, glass and many synthetic materials.

Lithofin Easy-Care. For regular cleaning, care and maintenance of ceramic tiles, natural and artificial stone. A mild soap cleaner that contains no wax. It leaves a silt repellent and slip-retarding film. More suitable on highly decorated and handmade tiles than KF Ceramic Clean. Ideal for floor tiles it does not need rinsing and is economical to use.

Unglazed ceramic tiles and quarry tiles are generally hardwearing and reasonably stain resistant with the exception of oil and grease stains. Lighter tiles are at risk of staining from red wine, foodstuffs ect.

Lithofin KF Stain-Stop is an impregnator that should make the tile non-porous. It penetrates the surface and forms a thin, invisible film and does not affect the appearance of the tile. It is applied using a brush or lambswool roller and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. As well as protecting the tile, it aids easy maintenance in comparison to polish or wax. The tiles may be waxed as well if desired. Impregnating the tile will reduce the likelihood of staining significantly.

When refurbishment of old unglazed ceramic tiles and quarry tiles is needed, we recommend Lithofin Wexa. It dissolves old layers of wax, polish, floorcare products, sealing substances, oil and grease spots, soot, rubber and tar stains. It is an acid free product and can be used neat or diluted as required, and is suitable for many surfaces. Once the tiles are clean they can be sealed with KF Stain stop.

For general cleaning and maintenance we recommend Lithofin Easy-Care as mentioned above.

As with all cleaning products test on an inconspicuous area and follow the instructions given on the container.

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