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Electric Underfloor Heating by Thermonet

A professional range of electric underfloor heating mats and accessories, supplied by the company Thermonet.

For tiles, natural stone, wood, laminates or carpet, this system suits them all.

Thermonet is reliable, safe and built to last. In fact it's so robust that the company is happy to give a 10 year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Thermonet offer unrivalled after sales service. We recommend reading the thermonet underfloor heating FAQ here in our information section, and also details of their industry leading underfloor heating repair service. Thermonet Underfloor Heating

Please phone if you need advice.

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 Standard thermostat kit 5260   Standard thermostat kit 5260 
Controls the floor temperature via a small sensor located under the floor. Rated at 16 amps, this thermostat will control up to 3600w of heatmats. For larger heatmat installations use a...
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 Thermonet Standard 150w   Thermonet Standard 150w 
Heatmats to suit rooms from 0.7 m2. All the heating wire is pre-spaced to guarantee an even heat and the fastest installation times. Quickly converts into a single wire making it the best system for...
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 7 day programmable thermostat   7 day programmable thermostat 
Features fully automatic 7 day heating control with manual override and a useful holiday mode. Suitable for controlling up to 3600w of Thermonet or even larger areas when combined with a...
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 Thermonet Heatmat Monitor / 6010   Thermonet Heatmat Monitor / 6010 
A unique and invaluable tool that continually monitors heatmat status during installation. Even the proffesionals occasionally damage a heatmat during installation. This can lead to a lot of...
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 Shower tray heatmat 151w 5201   Shower tray heatmat 151w 5201 
Built to the same standards as Thermonet, these shower tray heatmats are ideal for use in showers and wet areas. Specially designed to fit around a central waste outlet, there is no excuse not to fit...
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 Thermonet Extra 200w   Thermonet Extra 200w 
All the features of Thermonet standard with an extra high heat output of 200w/m2. Wire diameters remain less than 3mm, so all the benefits of underfloor heating can be had for minimum increase in...
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 Shower tray heatmat 262w 5202   Shower tray heatmat 262w 5202 
Built to the same standards as Thermonet, this higher heat (262 watts) output shower tray heatmat is ideal for use in showers and wet areas. Specially designed to fit around a central waste outlet,...
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